Sunday, 2 May 2010

laura's amazing flyer for the june 25st girl germs night!!

Girl Germs Gig!

The next Girl Germs is going to be new and improved! We're moving venues to The Victoria in Mile End and this time there will be bands!

This year Ladyfest celebrates its 10th birthday and we're throwing it a big old party in the form of Ladyfest Ten. The thing is, in order to put on the greatest Ladyfest the world has ever seen, we need to raise some money. This Girl Germs is a Ladyfest Ten fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards putting on an incredible weekend of events this Autumn.



We're so excited to have Wetdog playing Girl Germs. They've been super busy recording albums and touring with some of our other favourite bands. We didn't want their set at Goldsmiths Ladyfest to ever end, we're sure it'll be the same at our Ladyfest Ten fundraiser!


Peepholes are noisy and amazing. All echoing vocals and crunchy keyboards. When we heard 'Ladder' from their 12", Lair, we fell in love. We can't wait to see them live!


Our favourite record-spinning ladies, Dance Magic Dance.
Our friend and Vampire Sushi distro honcho, Tukru (AKA kissakerho).
Us!! The Girl Germs Girls!!



It would be great if you could come along!


Welcome to the new Girl Germs blog! We'll be posting updates about the nights here as well as any other grrrl-tastic news about gigs, events or just cool stuff to buy or do.

Please do keep in contact with us, we love to know what you think!

If you would like to be involved with Girls Germs in anyway, from your band playing, to baking, to having a stall, to even helping with flyer design or promotion please get in contact! We're always looking for more girls to join the germs!

We want this to be an example of girl love, of girls working together to support each other and provide and environment where we can truly be ourselves and have fun!